Future of Wealth 2.0 Closed

Hi guys,

I’ve got sad news to share… just as they promised, Future of Wealth 2 has closed it’s doors for members – for now.
Rest assured though, they reopened once and will probably do it again, so be sure to keep in the loop so you can be first in line.

Here’s what to do : -

- If you haven’t watched the Future of Wealth 2.0 video it’s still definitely worth watching, which you can do here:


- Grab your FREE eBook revealing ‘The #1 Reason Why Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset’. This will automatically sign you up to the official Future of Wealth 2 email list to keep you updated:

See you on the next intake!


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Future of Wealth 2 Review: The Official and Exclusive!


DOORS CLOSE 11.59pm tonight! If there’s one thing you could do to make this weekend one of the best you’ve ever had, this is it. (Remember, it works in 60 days or your full money back):


Get your Free Bonus here:




Hey guys,

Here it is at last: the Future of Wealth 2.0 Full Review!

If you’re still not sure about whether the program is for you, you’re in the right place.

So sit back, read on and enjoy…


Future of Wealth 2.0

Future of Wealth Lessons


Mediums: Reading materials, videos, audios, webinars, interactive software

Access: Online & downloadable (except for webinars & software)

Reach: Available & accessible in all countries worldwide

Level: Mostly beginner (but useful to all)

Budget: None required

* * * * *

Content: Identifying goals, leveraging mind power, visualisation, building your network, fitting it all together

Exclusive Features: Subliminal audios & videos, PEG Method, LoFT Method

Upgrades: Elite Inner Circle & 15 Days to Unlimited Opportunity

Worth Upgrading?: Elite Inner Circle yes, 15 Days if within budget

Cons: Challenging if not used to discipline; have to pay for upgrades (but 14 day free trial with Elite Inner Circle)

Pros: Ease of use, amount of content & tools available, customer care

Support: Email & phone

Guarantee: 60 Days full money back guarantee

Click Here to Gain Instant Access Now


Now for a little more detail…



homepage 1

When you arrive in your member’s area the first thing you see is a welcome video from the creator Anik Singal. This addresses all the concerns you might have when starting the system. It takes you through exactly how to get started, so you don’t get lost or overwhelmed. More than anything, Anik emphasises the dedicated support you are offered, so if you do get stuck you can quickly get back in the right direction.
The second video elaborates on the wealth of resources available. From the main lesson content, with subliminal audios and tracker tests, to signing up at the Elite circle it lays everything out so you know what’s in front of you.

Having all this information in video form is engaging and appealing while answering common questions like ‘What have I just bought?’ and ‘Which of these cool tools do I start with first?’ The videos are small, but you can open to full size with a click of a button. (You can find further tips on how to get started via the ‘Future of Wealth Orientation’ link on the sidebar.)



So let’s take a look at the core lesson structure. Future of Wealth is divided into 5 main lessons:

1. Hunger

2. Belief

3. Mind

4. Access

5. Balance


Lesson 1- Hunger

Lesson 1 - 1

As with all the lessons, lesson 1 is divided into a series of mini-lessons, each directed by it’s own video. There are lots of videos (yay!) but they’re short, each one a nugget of information you can watch and digest as part of your normal day. Of course you don’t have to do them all at once! Each is accompanied with what the video teaches, how it’s going to help you, along with a transcript and audio.


BUT WAIT! Before you start each lesson, there are two further tools you need. At the top is your EyeWealth Magnet, a short punchy video that gets your mind in right place, which you watch before starting the lessons each day. Think sublminal videos. And yes, it’s downloadable for digestion on-the-go. iWealth maybe?
The second is your Wealth Attraction Audio. Don’t worry about having to trench through more info though – this one too is sublminal. Hitting the subconscious mind = more power to you. You can even listen at night when you go to sleep.
Making these two a daily practice makes your lessons oodles more effective. Anyway enough said, I don’t want to spoil things after all…

Lesson 2 – Belief

Lesson 2 - 1

Along with lesson 1, this looks at HOW to get your mind in the right place. Fears, visions, it’s all tackled. ‘Cause to win a race you first have to make it to the starting block. You’ll be pleased to know this one’s not so meaty, although just as vital.


There’s one thing I forgot to mention with lesson 1 (whoops!). After each lesson is a Mind Tracker Test. How do you know if you’re going in the right direction? Ask support? Future of Wealth 2 has made it even easier for you, with these self diagnosis tools. Did I mention the system was individualised? Gear your actions towards YOUR strengths and weaknesses, so then you know how to ‘get there’ in the fastest way possible.

Lesson 3 – Mind

Lesson 3.1

For those of you who have been itching to know about the revolutionary Peg Method, this is where it comes into its own. I already touched on how Future of Wealth makes attaining success more manageable – but this is exactly HOW it does it. Want to know the perfect way to wind down each day? That’s also covered too. It may not be orthodox, but it works, and you may need it with all the excitement…

Lesson 4 – Access

Lesson 4 - 1

How do you get access to more than 24 hours in a day? Or more energy than is in your body? These 8 videos will show you how to leverage, so super-human ambitions become all the more acheivable. Don’t forget those subliminals!

Lesson 5 – Balance

Lesson 5 - 1

Anyone who’s come acropper in their lives knows why Anik included this module. I myself had a big “Ahhh…” moment. Mastering this part is vital. But with step-by-step tutorials and your trusty daily aids you can take the pressure off and focus on it worry-free.


Phew! That’s the lessons. Now onto the Elite Inner Circle:


Elite Inner Circle


If the main lessons let you discover all the steps to manifest your wealth, the EIC shows you HOW to put them into action. It’s dynamic, regularly updated and is a community that feeds off your success as well as that of others.

Step #1: The Loft Method

This collection of 5 videos enhances your ability to attract what you want. Modules cover similar topics as in the lessons, but elaborate on what you learned. They’re big files though, so hook up a strong internet connection and you’re up and away.

Step #2: LOFT Lifestyle Reports

All this is fair enough, but how does it apply to you? That’s where the lifestyle reports come in – little tricks you can integrate the success Laws into your own life. Each month you receive a new one – and can download past reports at any time.

Step #3: Teleclass Transformations

Ever wondered what it would be like to be taught live by Anik himself? Now you can. You and a group of others are taken through two new hot topics a month, such as relationships, meditation and negativity. It’s also the perfect place to ask any question you need answering on the spot. Each teleseminar comes with its own written summary and recording – already 20 available and still growing!

Step #4: Video Transformations

If you hate video subliminals you might as well give up now. If not (and I HOPE not) you’re in luck. Every month comes a new specific video to tackle those little niggles in your life – just the way to get what you want without-really-doing-much.

Step #5: Power House Monthly Interviews

Last but not least, some of the greatest minds in wealth and success come together in a series of mind-empowering interviews - all LIVE! A new one comes out every month, and you can catch up on any you missed here.

Sure, it’s a shame you don’t get full access with your basic membership. But there’s loads to download already. And with at least 1 live Teleclass Transformation in your 14-day trial you should be able to decide if you want to continue or not.


15 Days to Unlimited Opportunity

15 Days 1

Still hungry? I like your appetite. So what’s different in this section? At first it looks like the core lessons. But it’s all on a whole new level, and far more FOCUSED.

Each day starts with an inspiring audio, which you can listen first thing in the morning. I’ve found this trick really powerful myself recently – a little tapping into our inspirations in the morning can go a long way. Especially with the negative thoughts we often wake up with.

You then follow this with a daily video lesson, and in most cases, a short 10-15 minute exercise. This is where the module comes into its own. Because as with the rest of Future of Wealth 2, it’s not just teaching you how to achieve wealth: it’s helping you to learn. By actively putting into play the lessons you discover, your brain is practically forced into attracting new opportunities into your life.

All this has a purpose, and at the end of the 15 days you are ready for the ‘Tribal Magnet’ course - a packed PDF that enables you to expand your people network even if you’re the shyest in the world. As you discover in the core lessons, a very powerful tool.

The 15 Days to Unlimited Opportunity works by bombarding you with what you’ve already learned from a new angle.

Why do this? Sometimes when we hear one story it doesn’t sink in – or we don’t understand it. Think proof reading for your brain.
OK, so it seems a little rigid – that you ‘have to complete it over 15 days’, and not skip ahead. My inclination though is always to follow the experts first time, to avoid kicking myself later.
That about wraps it up for the content. What else?


Layout & Ease

The layout has a nice easy feel. As mentioned before all the content is laid out in front of you. You also have a sidebar with drop down menus for quick navigation.



Support comes in email and phone format. The team put a big emphasis on putting their members first. All my correspondances have been prompt, warm and very helpful. You can also connect via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter at the top to leave feedback and receive more tips.


Who’s it best for? Future of Wealth 2 can be used wherever you are, and is accessible in any country. So long as you’re cool with basic English, it’s game on!

While Future of Wealth 2 is predominantly for those yet to hit the life of their dreams, there’s something for beginners and advanced alike. Some techniques like The PEG Method you can ONLY find here.

I find that there’s ALWAYS something you can learn from others as well. The degree may change depending on your level, but with with so much content, how can you not!

Future of Wealth is also available to those with any budget – you don’t need money to start, and even with the paid upgrades, by the time you get that far you may have built enough wealth to invest in them anyway. Oh, that reminds me:




We’ve looked at the 101 on the Elite Inner Circle and 15 Days to Unlimited Opportunity. Which brings us to the crucial question:

Should I go for the paid subscriptions?

While it’s good for me if you buy the more expensive version (yes, Anik does give me a little ‘incentive’ for helping him here), I want what’s best for you.

My advice is: if you’re on a tight budget, stick with the main course. It will be more than enough to build up a fat amount of wealth and won’t take food from the table. And you won’t be overwhelmed, especially if you are working a day job as well. You can download all the Inner Circle stuff in the 14 days anyway.

But if you can afford it, go for it. Remember the multi-angled approach? You want limitless success – and by bombarding yourself from different directions you will get there in the fastest, surest way possible.

…Days to Insane Wealth

How long will it take? It all depends on ACTION. If you’re doing 1 video a month and none of the exercises, it may take forever. If you spend at least an hour a day learning and applying the methods, not long at all. Go as fast as is comfortable, without getting stressed or overloaded. Consistency is the key.

Bad Points

Spelling? Maybe it’s just me being British! Honestly there’s not much I can talk down about Future of Wealth 2.

It’s very structured, which will require discipline to do things as they say. Whereas this will help you in the long run, it may be difficult to start if you find this hard. Some may get bogged with the repetition as well – although this will also help you.

Lesson 5.4b


Good Points

I like the layout, very easy to use with sidebars and everything laid in front. The sheer amount of content is brilliant – think how long it must have taken! Enough to keep you going for years. And it does make things very manageable, which is what this course is all about. Hitting the subconscious & conscious mind is also very good.

Risk Reversal

Anik & his team offer a full 60-day guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Order, try it for 60 days, see if you like it. If not, no questions asked, you get all your money back. Sounds like a win-win eh?

Summing Up

Attracting wealth and success… with enough support to guarantee you change your life for the better. If you want to wake up each morning buzzing to tackle the next adventure – AND having something fun to learn and employ – Go for it. With time, patience and attention, there’s no reason why not.


I’m in – take me on the adventure!

(Click on the link above or type www.FutureofWealth2.com/order into your browser)


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Future of Wealth 2 Mobile App?


As far as I know there aren’t any mobile apps for Future of Wealth (I’ve checked the Apple App Store, not sure about Android). Maybe it can be your first suggestion when you sign up!


The members area is compatible with mobile devices though, may even be nicer I think. The videos all open OK (again iPhone user here) and obviously you can browse the site etc. If you have a browser like Atomic Web you can also download any PDFs/audios to your device.

This makes FoW the perfect pasttime for doing on the go. Long train journeys no problem!

(The only thing I would recommend against is downloading and listening to the subliminal audios while driving, as it can affect your concentration. Not that you should be using your phone behind the wheel anyway.)

Login to your members area via your smartphone here:



Stay tuned for more tips!


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Future of Wealth Two Webinar + Hidden Secret


Hey guys… I’ve got something BIG to share.

I know I say that a lot at the moment – but I mean it this time.

First off, Anik & Jimmy are doing a FREE webinar to all us Future of Wealth fans. Sign up for the webinar here:


It’s sure to answer all the questions you have about the course, so don’t miss out. Times are 3PM ET (12PM PT) and 8PM ET (5PM PT) – so you can pick a time that’s best for you.

Second… and this is the big SECRET… they are opening the cart after each webinar to WEBINAR MEMBERS ONLY.

I know, I thought it wasn’t opening until Thursday May 15th either. So you definitely want to attend, just for that.

I plan to get the long awaited Future of Wealth 2 review – and super BONUS package up by then, but in any case make sure you get on the webinar via the link above.

I’ll see you there. Damn this is getting cool!

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New Video Released!

Hey guess what? Yep, they’ve done it again – Future of Wealth have released another FREE video!

They call it ’3 Mind Secrets to Start Attracting Wealth’:


If you want to get an advanced preview of Anik and Jimmy’s methods – or even just would like a free way to boost your income – go check it out.

It’s the same method that  had a major impact on the 10,000 Future of Wealth members last year – and there’s no reason why it couldn’t impact yours two. It’s only a few minutes, what have you got to lose?

See you there,


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Future of Wealth 2: Scam or Fair Game?

While I don’t want to point any fingers, with all its promises you have to ask if FoW2 is ‘too good to be true.’


Realistically, it looks like Future of Wealth 2.0 is the real deal. The main reasons being:


- The original, Future of Wealth, has a lot of positive feedback from its members. Not just one, but over 200 testimonials with videos or pictures

- Anik, one of the creators, is friends with Bob Proctor and has been pictured several times. Those that know Bob Proctor know he is famous from being in The Secret and several of his own ventures

- It’s not promising you will get rich overnight, as many scams do. Results will come, but only if you put in the work

- The course teaches evergreen methods that have been used in countless other publications, and proven to work (I’ve used many myself)


OK, there’s always a tiny possibility that it could be a set up. With the right genius mastermind, who knows? But worrying about the what ifs won’t get us anywhere.

My suggestion, try it out, and see for yourself. Here’s how:

-> Sign up for my instant notifications to get yourself at the top of the waiting list

-> Download your free eBook

-> Bookmark this page and keep checking back for a full review plus more tips

Til then,


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Three Letters to Change Your Life?

Hey guys,

Big news. The Future of Wealth 2 pre-launch is underway – and they are giving away their first eBook totally FREE.

It’s what they dub ‘the three letters that can change your life‘:


Whether you get a place on May 15th or not, this is vital information so you don’t want to miss out. It’s only up for 7 days though, so take advantage while you can!

They’ve also posted a SNEAK PREVIEW trailer to the system itself, and, well… I need say no more:



See you there!



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Be First in Line for FoW 2.0!


As with any launch, it looks like there’s going to be big demand to buy when Future of Wealth 2.0 goes live. But with this one it could be REALLY big  - given how famous Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim are, and the popularity of the last course.

What can you do to get a head start? Sign up below for instant email updates coming up to the launch and on launch day.

 Just add your name & email into the form below:
We NEVER Sell or Rent Your Details!

ListWire - Free Autoresponders
click here for your free autoresponder


After all, it would be a bummer to have the doors close AGAIN!

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Future of Wealth 2 Facebook & Twitter Feed

FutureofWealth2.com is now social! Get all your FOW2 updates straight to you Facebook & twitter accounts. I’ll be posting regular feeds on new posts and what you need to do as Future of Wealth 2 rolls out. The launch is rapidly picking up pace so you don’t want to miss out:

Like us on Facebook:


Follow us on twitter:



Be the first to know and get social!


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Anik Singal & Jimmy Kim

Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim are the masterminds behind Future of Wealth 2. But who are they?


Anik Singal

Anik is a young entrepreneur in his mid twenties. During his early life he experienced many hardships, both mental and physical, but fought through via sheer stubbornness and positive attitude. These are some of the key attributes that let Anik to later become a success coach for other people.

His Internet marketing started in college when he started his first online business amid friends and family telling him he would never be successful. This is part of what drove him on, eventually growing it into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Anik’s passion is in ‘fighting for success,’ and helping other to do so.  His first enterprise, IWillFight.com, involved helping people with hardships come together and overcome their struggles – very much like Future of Wealth will be for you!

Anik’s success comes from a can-do attidude, believing that anything is possible and if he can do it, so can you. And why not?

Read Anik Singal’s full story here


Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim is on a similar footing to Anik, having also started internet marketing while in college around the same time.

That was six years ago, and now he has taken the Internet marketing world by a storm. Starting with Jimmy Kim’s Inner circle, he has grown his business to over $30 million dollars online. Internet Marketing Target, Full Money System, Inbox Blueprint all helped put him on the map in a short space of time. Jimmy knows what he is doing and knows how to teach it to others.

Jimmy’s role as a mentor and success has really taken off since partnering with Anik Singal. Now with Future of Wealth and Future of Wealth 2.0, he has become the go-to mentor for anyone wanting to achieve wealth online.


More info coming soon!


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